Dyslexia Testing and Tutors

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French Researcher Dr. Stanislas Dehaene on cognitive processing.

Dr. Reid Lyon speaks about the concept of phonemic awareness. This is a skill that is lacking for most dyslexic readers.

Dr. Reid Lyon speaks about lots the macroeconomic impact of reading failure in our society.

Videos to help guide your 


A great resource for understanding how it feels to have a learning difference in school.

Learn of the troubles some of our most famous dyslexics faced in school.

Understand and learn to embrace dyslexia.

How dyslexia fits under the umbrella of Specific Learning Disability.

What is dyslexia?  In the words of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Why assistive technologies are good for kids with learning disabilities.

The following are excellent videos that will help you understand dyslexia.