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Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Curriculum (OG Tutoring or Dyslexia Therapy)

"I wanted to let you know that I talked to my son's teacher last night, she has seen great improvement in him over the semester."

Tutoring and Dyslexia Remediation in Iowa

Multi Sensory Math Tutoring

Our math tutors are experienced in teaching students who are visual or kinesthetic learners, and understand that many students struggle with math concepts in traditional formats. We have spent extensive time and energy vetting and compiling programs and strategies to help our students learn and master mathematics. We make math concrete and use tactile approaches to help our students master their understanding of the base ten system. This is a concept that, much like reading, is a foundational concept of mathematics, but does not make inherent sense to our students. Once the student has a good grasp on the base ten system, our tutors will take a cumulative approach to teaching them remaining essential mathematical concepts.

Virtual tutoring available!

Lindamood-Bell LiPS

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) program helps children and adults develop the sensory-cognitive function of phonemic awareness. Unlike most reading, spelling and phonics programs, LiPS instruction directly applies phonemic awareness to the identification and sequencing of sounds in words. Students in the LiPS program move through a series of steps to learn how their mouths produce the sounds of language. This kinesthetic feedback enables them to verify the identity and sequence of sounds within words, and to become self-correcting in reading, spelling and speech. The LiPS program is taught only on an individual basis.

True Potential Education understands that it isn't always possible for our clients to get to our office for explicit one-on-one or small group tutoring.  

Regardless of your location, we can provide quality Orton-Gillingham tutoring, live, via remote classroom. Our clients live throughout Iowa and beyond, or have gridlocked schedules that are only suitable to virtual tutoring. Utilize virtual tutoring to get a successful start - it is easy to do!

Wilson Group Tutoring

The Wilson System, created by Barbara Wilson, was developed in 1988 and was designed to bring explicit, cumulative, systematic and multi-sensory reading instruction to early elementary general education classrooms. Because it was created for classroom implementation, the Wilson system is effective in a group setting. At True Potential Education, we offer Wilson Tutoring individually, or in groups of 2. We have found our group instruction model to be very effective not only because the materials are tailored to facilitate groups, but also because working in groups gives our students a sense of camaraderie and confidence that they often do not feel in their school environment.

At True Potential Education, we utilize the Wilson Language System, which is an Orton-Gillingham tutoring curriculum. Orton-Gillingham is the system that has been scientifically-researched and verified to effectively intervene and teach the phonological and morphological skills that students with dyslexia are lacking. To learn more about how and why Orton-Gillingham works, click here.

Unlike many typical tutoring services, we do not assist with homework assignments, or teach general subjects. Dyslexia tutoring is often referred to as 'dyslexia therapy'. Dyslexia tutoring is specific information, presented systematically in a multi-sensory method that encourages the posterior reading system in the left hemisphere of the brain to engage in the reading process. With repeated stimulation, students will eventually begin to gain automaticity with symbol recognition, decoding and encoding.

Completion of the program through book twelve will typically take a minimum of 2 years, for students with profound dyslexia it can take significantly longer. The point of OG therapy is to remediate the student. Once a student has learned these skills, we want them to be independent in school and college, perhaps with some accommodations, but able to handle any material that comes their way with confidence.