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True Potential Education Summer

Intensive Reading Program

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Even though the retention law has been delayed for another year, don't delay the opportunity to help your student make great gains with reading, writing and spelling!

Each 27-day summer session is the equivalent of 1/2 year of Orton-Gillingham instruction at a discounted price.  Summertime offers the opportunity for students who are below benchmark in reading, writing and/or spelling to move forward and close the gap on their peers.

This program is available for students in first through sixth grade. Each day of the program will offer a two-hour class that will include an hour and a half of Orton-Gillingham, delivering science based dyslexia therapy in a small group format.  In addition these classes will include 30 minutes of multi sensory science-based sight word work.

Program Includes: Baseline assessment, session package, progress monitoring and final progress report.

In 2016 True Potential Education rolled out a summer intensive literacy program, and it was a wonderful success. Every student that attended the program began to close the gap between their reading skills, and those of their same-aged peers. 

If your student has been identified as at-risk by FAST, or by a teacher who has noticed they are not meeting grade-level expectations, our summer 2017 intensive program could help get them going in a better direction.