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Dyslexia​ Knowledge and Strategies

June 19-23, 2017  and  July 31 - August 4, 2017​

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Cost of this course is $900 for individual registrations. A discount is available for districts sending 3 or more educators. Call for more information!

A non-refundable payment of $450 is due at the time of registration, with the balance due by May 31, 2017. Registrations are transferrable. 

If desired, you may attend both optional day 4 classes for no additional charge.  No additional graduate credits will be offered for this extended day, and some information may be repetitive.

This course is accredited through Mount Mercy University,

and will count for two graduate level credits!

Course Instructors

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Amy Dahlke
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, Reading Endorsement at the University of Northern Iowa
Master of Science in Education at Drake University
Master Educator license in the state of Iowa
Teaching experience in fifth grade, fourth grade and preschool and public and private school

Nina A. Lorimor-Easley
Master of Science in Curriculum Studies at Southern New Hampshire University (2017) 

Certified specialist in Dyslexia and Language-Based Learning Disability at Landmark School (2017)

Master of Science in Educational Psychology at Kaplan University

Bachelor of Arts, Business at William Penn University
Dyslexia Advocate Certification at The Dyslexia Training Institute
Assistive Technology Certification at the University of Iowa
Wrightslaw Advocate Certification

Grad credits NOT included in this payment!

"I understand it's dyslexia, but what do I DO?"

You have probably had opportunities to get high level tidbits about dyslexia, but how helpful are those in your classroom? You will walk away from this course with knowledge and strategies you can

immediately implement in your classroom to address your student's needs.

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Two graduate credits are being offered through Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Enrollment for those credits is optional, and may be completed any time prior to the beginning of the scheduled class. These two credits are being offered at a discounted total rate of only $350.

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This course will be held at the True Potential Education office:

7755 Office Plaza Drive North, Suite 105, West Des Moines, IA  50266

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Course Location

Course Overview

Day 1 - Dyslexia 101, background knowledge 

Participants will have a general understanding of what dyslexia is, what it looks like, and how prevalent it is in our schools. This introductory class is designed to permanently dispel any lingering beliefs that dyslexia is not real, explain why it exists, and why it is so difficult to navigate within the public school system by exposing participants to the most impactful research.

Day 2 - Dyslexia 201, in-depth with terms and tests 

Participants will take a deeper dive into dyslexia. Instruction will include an explanation of the neurological aspects of dyslexia, and connect those characteristics to strategies for diversity in the classroom. Instruction will also include what a true dyslexia assessment should look like, and how it should be interpreted, with samples of learner profiles. Appropriate accommodations for documented leaner profiles will also be covered. Finally, this course will include a brief overview of special education, and how Iowa's non-categorical status has impacted these students.

Day 3 - Assistive Technology 

Participants will be exposed to some of the most prominent solutions in Assistive Technology for dyslexic students. We will discuss what is needed and appropriate, and include an explanation of what works, why it works, and best practices for implementation.  

Day 4 - Option #1 (Thursday)

Meeting the needs of students with dyslexia in the classroom, Grades pre K – 3
Educators will be instructed in high-level methods for identifying dyslexic characteristics in young children, and will learn a variety of activities and resources to address these students and their needs in the classroom. This course will also take a look at available curriculum options and prepare educators to return to administrators with a financially sound and scientifically proven plan to address dyslexia in their school.

Day 4 - Option #2 (Friday)

Meeting the needs of students with dyslexia in the classroom, Grades 4 and up
In fourth grade and above, intense remediation is not a realistic expectation in the classroom environment. These educators need to know what dyslexia looks like in a classroom, in homework, and in behavior. Once they are aware enough to identify it, they will be able to help put a plan of action into place to help students who are falling through the cracks.