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An initial screen is designed for clients that have not yet been seen by a speech language pathologist and are unsure whether there is a concern or not. This short, informal interaction will allow our speech language pathologist to determine if a full evaluation is necessary. A screen typically lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.

Initial Screening

25% intelligible

50% intelligible

75% intelligible

100% intelligible

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

Our speech language pathologist provides services to client’s that have difficulty in a wide variety of areas, including: ​

How much of my child's speech should people be able to understand?

At True Potential we believe acquiring a complete understanding of a client’s strengths, as well as key areas of concern, is essential to providing effective therapy. An initial evaluation typically consists of approximately 1-2 hours of both formal and informal testing. A consultation will be provided to discuss results, and if therapy is recommended we will begin collaborating on a plan of action specific to the client’s wants and needs.

Each client is unique and we believe that each therapy plan should be tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Our speech language pathologist will work closely with the client and/or parents to develop realistic and achievable goals.

Therapy Plan of Action

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How do I know if speech services are needed?

Speech services may be needed if the client exhibits any of the following:

  • A diagnosis of autism, down syndrome, or other developmental delay
  • Speech is difficult to understand
  • Multiple and/or inconsistent speech errors
  • Delayed speech (not combining two or more words by 2 years)
  • Errors on pronouns, verb tenses, or sentence structure
  • Do not seem to understand questions or directions
  • Cannot express self using sentences similar to peers
  • Difficulty interacting socially with peers
  • Voice sounds nasal, hoarse, harsh, or breathy
  • Stuttering
  • Foreign accent is impacting work or social communication
  • Struggling in academic subjects

True Potential Education is pleased to offer speech and language services, including CAS.

Our speech language pathologist evaluates and treats both children and adults with communication difficulties. Our goal is to aid our clients in developing the skills necessary to effectively communicate with others in their daily lives, work, and school environments. Our speech and language services will help to give clients a solid foundation for future academic learning and professional growth.