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​Battling core language deficits is a process...

If anyone ever tells you that overcoming dyslexia, or other core language deficits is easy, they are wrong. It is not easy. It is a battle, harder for some than others, but a battle nonetheless. Overcoming a language processing issue of any kind takes dedication and consistent, cohesive instruction.

True Potential Education, LLC was formed because we have been in the trenches. We have been at the mercy of Google and 100k+ "hits" for information that may, or may not be helpful. Our goal is to be a single point of contact for corrective services that will make a positive impact on the life of your family. Dyslexia has a way of undermining entire families; anxiety, depression, dependency - these are things that don't only effect a student in the classroom, they create havoc in the life of dyslexic. At True Potential Education, we firmly believe that early intervention can prevent the majority of these issues for students and families, and that all dyslexics can reach their True Potential if they are willing to commit the time and effort to do so!

Trust us. We've been there. Give us call. Quiz us. Put us through the paces.