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Life Skills Training

A customized literacy  program that will fit the needs of your child and family

This program is designed to target students in 6th - 12th grade, teaching them daily pre-vocational, living and social skills for increased independence! These students are in need of specific social and life-skills training at this critical time in their lives and the schedules and time restraints that exist in school can be prohibitive when it comes to truly meeting the needs of this student population.

True Potential Education is very proud to be offering a Life Skills Training Program for students who find pre-vocational, social, and life skills difficult. This program has been designed to place parent input at the heart of planned action.  Nobody knows your child better than you, and we want to provide the instruction that you have identified as a priority for your child. By keeping our group sizes small, and our interventions targeted, we are able to provide a fun and interactive high quality educational environment for your child.

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Our Life Skills Program encompass a variety of areas:


We believe every student can learn.  It is true that they will each learn in their own way, at their own pace, but each of them should be encouraged to reach their true potential in academics and in life. Dawn Philbin is one of the few certified Wilson providers in the state, and will be overseeing Orton-Gillingham language training, as well as multi-sensory math into our Life Skills Program to support the academic achievements of our students.


Our Speech Language Pathologists will consult with the Life Skills Program staff on an ongoing basis so students will be getting constant, and consistent speech cues. Individualized, formal speech therapy with our trained Speech Language Pathologists is also available at True Potential Education. Call to inquire about scheduling dedicated sessions with an SLP. 

Life Skills

What skills does your child need to eventually make the transition to independence?

  • Washing dishes 
  • Paying for items at the store
  • Meal preparation
  • Writing an email
  • Introducing themselves

These are just a few examples of the topics we will cover in our Life Skills Training Program. Modeling behavioral situations, and then putting them into practice with peers will create a fun and interactive environment for our students! Working with parents to write goals specific to their child will enable us to measure how well these skills are being integrated into social patterns, and behavior in familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Music / Arts

Everyone loves to make a little music!  Our music room is a fun environment for students to explore and enjoy music, and our art corner is a great place to let their creativity soar!  Other fun activities like food preparation, movies, technology exploration and games will be a part of our routine as well.

(515) 218-8445