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"Utilizing technology to gain access to information is not a hand out, it's a hand up."

Assistive Technology solutions can be found everywhere, but how many apps have you tried and then discarded or forgotten about? We have researched what is available, and selected the solutions that offer ease of use, and big results. Today's technology gives us capabilities like text-to-speech and speech-to-text at student's fingertips with astounding accuracy. Come test drive this technology in our lab, before you invest!

​In early primary years... 

Technology can be introduced as learning disguised as fun. Games and technology that seem like fun can introduce and encourage practice of skills and concepts. Even at very young ages, our kiddos can play games that introduce and encourage encoding and decoding skills, sound-symbol awareness skills, phonological memory, and much more. There are many award-winnning educational applications that are very low-cost, and are wonderful ways to get our kids interested in learning and on the right track!

In the elementary years...

When our kiddos hit the classroom, it can become intimidating and frustrating very quickly. Appropriate technology can help students gain access to information at a pace that is commensurate with their peers. For those that are struggling with mastery of spelling and with writing, technology can be introduced that will help them produce work for educators that will keep them on a level playing field with their peers, and help demonstrate to educators what the student is truly understanding and what they are capable of. If properly deployed, and employed, assistive technology will keep your student studying at a level that is indicative of their intellect, instead of being limited to the level at which they can read and/or write if these skills are developing at a slower rate. Introducing technology in elementary school will get the student comfortable using technology in the classroom when peer pressure isn't quite as formidable of a force as it will be later in elementary and in junior high. Starting technology early also allows both students and teachers to develop proficiency and workflows with the technology that will make it simply a standard part of the day, rather than an obstacle to be overcome.

In junior high and high school...

For many students with dyslexia, technology is imperative as expectations, as well as the flow and complexity of information, begin to steadily increase. Assistive technology can be used both in the classroom and at home for homework to help students produce work that is indicative of their knowledge level. It can help reduce stress by drastically reducing hours spent on homework at night, and it helps prepare a student for college and higher-level education where production of intellectual material will increase even more.

The demands and expectations of college will make high school seem easy.  If your collegiate workload seems overwhelming, or you need help keeping it all organized, there is a wide variety of technology resources available.  Solutions that help you plan, outline, draft and finalize your projects will decrease time spent and increase efficiency of your workflow.  Not to mention improving the overall quality of your papers! If you want to look your best to your professors, stop handing in work that is full of typos, and covered with read marks when you get it back.  Our tech lab is the place to start to maximize your collegiate success and beyond.

Nina Lorimor-Easley has completed training by the University of Iowa's ICATER center for assistive technology, and is available to come to your school to demonstrate assistive technology options that could potentially be a good fit for your student(s).


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Our technology lab...

The Tech Lab at True Potential Education ​is a hands-on environment that allows you to peruse through a wide range of technology options, designed to address a wide variety of educational needs. With all of our applications and software available on both Mac and PC platforms, we can show you technology solutions in the environment that is most applicable for you. Our tech lab allows you to spend time with software and experience it firsthand before you invest in any technology at all. In addition, our knowledgable staff can show you and your student(s) how to best utilize the technology, and we can help your student find practical applications and gain fluency with the technology. There are millions of software options out there for you to look through and review. We have done a lot of that work for you and can show you solutions that will be beneficial for the specific weaknesses you are trying to address.